Doodley Dogs Black Plain Nylon Collar

  • Multi-purpose
  • Aids control and reduces pulling on the lead
  • Comfortable to be worn around the house as a day collar
  • 6 colours, including 3 exclusive polka dot ranges (bright pink, bright green and navy blue)
  • Fully machine washable
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TheDoodley Dogsmulti-purpose collar is designed to give you more control whilst being so comfortable for your dog to wear he can keep it on around the house; you won’t need to dig out lots of equipment every time you go for a walk!The collar is safe for all breeds, including sight hounds. Unlike other, similar collars such as half check chains and martingales, theDoodley Dogscollar sits flat on the neck ensuring there is no part hanging loose.

Training:If using the collar to reduce pulling on the lead or on a narrow pavement it should be fitted snugly to the top of the dog\s neck. This is the weakest part of the dog's neck and will help give you total control.

Comfort:During rest the collar can be worn lower down the neck, allowing for 2 fingers to fit easily under the collar.

Unlike other training aids, theDoodley Dogscollar is designed to be comfortable around the house whilst ensuring the dog has an ID tag in case of straying or in an emergency.

Sight Hounds:Most sight hound collars are wide in order to not slip over the dogs’ head but for the fine coated, soft skinned sight hounds wider collars can rub their necks and cause bald patches.

TheDoodley Dogscollar will not allow the dog to back out or slip their collar but is comfortable enough to ensure it can be worn around the house.


Small – 27cm – 34cm

Medium – 34cm – 46cm

Large – 46cm – 65cm

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